Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crafty Tuesday - New Month

Well it's a new month her and I have been anticipating this months activities for a while. This month we are learning about rainbows and other children around the world. We have finally gotten our calendar board up but I still haven't found a frame for it I am looking for an old painting frame at a second hand store so I can repaint it. Also my husband has made some headway on our play house too now we just need to paint and add the trim. Our sensory tub this month is rainbow rice and all things sparkly. We are going to be doing some matching exercises and counting activities with our tub. This morning I made up a little sheet for 1-5 counting activities with the tub. Then life was interrupted by illness my stomach condition has resurfaced and I have been away to focus on healing but I will be returning soon with new posts!