Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Curve Ball - WOW!

So it's been a while again, life has thrown us a big curve ball and we have under gone major change  to be able carry on. In early May my husband called me as I was finishing my run to give me some news. He had lost his job again and was given 1mths notice. Instantly my world changed, we had been talking about down sizing the house but has hoped to wait it out a couple of years so we could buy a town house. In that moment I knew we could wait no longer and the decision was made to sell the house. After a month of hard work cleaning, repairing and down sizing the house was ready to list on the market. In that time my husband had decided it would be best to return to school in fall and learn a new trade in hopes of finding steady employment with his now legally disabled status. He also took a job driving bus with the company I work for to bring in some extra income while on EI. We were able to get funding through a government program for tuition and some living expenses while in school and we will have EI till December. We were blessed with a private sale on house which allowed us to clear our mortgage and replace the furniture we had sold. So we now live in a 900sq ft apartment in a different part of the city, our Son will be going to a new school this year but thankfully will be the one I drive bus for so I will be able to take him to and from school. We unfortunately had to down size our canine companions, so we found Mishka the puppy a new home and very sadly it was time for Sam the Old Man to be put down (he was 17). Hank you Husky/malamute is now the only dog in the house and loving it! Thankfully we found a beautiful apartment complex that is brand new, close to my Son's school and allows pets another blessing.

I added some pictures of our place and some of our Summer fun. We really do love our new life, I love that the apartment can be cleaned in one day and that we have more time to play and less to worry that we can't get done. This new life has it's challenges like the fact my husband is permanently disabled and the acceptance of that. I really never believed our life would be here but here we are and making the best of it. Life is good right now and we are trying to enjoy that and take it in. I have more time to bake, to sew and do the creative things I enjoy I have even started taking a dance class which I am loving. Next week I turn 40 (WOW) I am trying to take that in and accept it (not that I can change it) but it is proving to be a little difficult. I don't really know where I am going or what I am doing. I am a wife and a mother but as far as my job well that is just for money it's not for me in anyway. It is tough to go from running your own business to working for someone else and losing that creative element which feeds my soul. I am not worried I know this to we will work out one thing at a time and right now it is for Kevin to go to school. So until that is done and he is settled I will keep doing what I am doing. Life will go on and we will keep pace with the changes and live the best life we can in the mean time.