Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My DIY Kitchen ReDesign Part 1

So last night we went on our first pallet picking expedition one of many I am sure. It went ok the quality of the wood really varies so I learned that we will have to shop for the ones for our table and benches for while till we have a enough good quality ones but right now we are just working on our garden boxes so it doesn't matter too much.

We took a little trip though Home Depot last night DH (dear husband) needed some accessories for fence and gate building. I wandered through some of the aisles searching out some ideas for my kitchen reno. I found a couple of wall papers samples to take home and test out see what I think, one is a big bold pattern and the other similar pattern just smaller scale. At first I thought I liked the bigger pattern but now the smaller one is growing on me, what do all of you think? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know which you prefer remember this is only going on one wall which is only 10-15 ft long. I am also going to be installing wainscoting and chair rail at the bottom of that wall too.

I also spent some time looking at the tiles and flooring. I was looking for a plain white what Nate Berkus called penny tile for my back splash but the closed I could find was a 1" square tile which would work but isn't exactly what I had envisioned. For the floor I think we are going to go with a vinyl plank system at Home Depot and we are thinking tile or cork look for that I didn't really like any of the tile options I looked at last night but found a cork one I am sort of interested in so we will see what I think of it in the coming days I brought home a sample to ponder on.
I also looked at some paint samples didn't really find the colors I had in mind I am still really liking the ones I found on Design Seeds but we will see as I keep looking.

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