Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What have we been up to?

It has been awhile again since I posted life is keeping us busy as both my husband I are continuing to work on our recoveries. Slowly but surely we can see a light at the end of the tunnel! Our Son turned 6 in March can you believe it, I can't! This year we hosted a Star Wars themed Birthday Party and it was fun, crazy but fun! I purchased a wonderful party kit on Etsy from Delightfulprints it was wonderful and made it so easy!

Shown are just a few of the items included in the kit! We also made for the party a pinata replica of the Death Star from the a soccer ball pinata thanks to pinterest! We also did pretzel light sabers and Star Wars sugar cookies, all and all it was good fun!

After the Birthday I have gotten myself busy crafting here are a few of my latest creations!

So as you can see from the many pictures I have kept myself really busy which has been good for me in many ways. It has helped to keep my mind occupied while we wait for our adoption to move onto the homestudy part of the process we are still waiting for our application to be approved for homestudy. This process is very long and at times feels very frustrating. We have recently come to the conclusion that in 3 years when our mortgage is up for renewal we will see where we are in the process and if we haven't progressed at all then we will pack up and go travel for a year at least! Also once we return from our mini vacation I plan to start a 30 day Hot Yoga challenge and will blog through that for all of you to read. I have a friend who completed one in January and she has Lupus and says it made a huge positive impact on her health. I am hoping to kick off our traveling by taking a one month Yoga Teacher training through Rainbow Kids International at least that is my plan at the moment.
As for the next little while well we are working on putting in our garden soon I have it planned out now we must gather our supplies we plan to build a raised bed garden this year making the containers out of pallet would, find our inspiration here on Pinterest of course! I will post finished photos for all of you once it is complete and planted. After that we are going to start a partial reno of our kitchen, this will be the first time in any of the houses we have owned that we will have done a kitchen and I am really excited. In this house with my daycare and my lifestyle the kitchen is the one room I spend the most time in. I am planning on doing it in mustard yellow with plum, white and black accents. See this color combo on Pinterest it is one of the ones I am considering for the plum and yellow. We are also going to doing our own farmhouse table and benches as well as wood counter tops! So as you can tell from this list we will continue to be busy, I will try and take some before pictures for you all and post our progress as I can. Looking forward to a busy spring and summer!

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