Friday, January 14, 2011

The Beginning

My awakening started when our Son was about 1, the whole BPA scare happened and then the lead paint closely followed as did our decision to try and have another baby. We required fertility treatments due to my husbands Bone disease and my Polycystic ovaries after a few cycles and no success I began to wonder if maybe the things that I was afraid of affecting my Son were also affecting me too. This is where the change all started and now with my most recent health troubles and being forced to go Gluten Free the change has gotten bigger. During this time we have also been reintroduced to the LDS church and have made the decision to become members and be baptized on January 29th.

So now we are moving towards living a Natural Lifestyle and trying to change things such as our eating habits, family life, spending and the way we earn our money. I made the decision in June of this year to leave both my jobs in the Health Region and move home to work opening a small Day Home. Looking back I am so glad we made that choice and even though it has been hard I look at our Son and it is all worth it. My husband also recently decided to start walking to and from work for exercise and reduce our use of our vehicle thus reducing our fuel bill and our carbon footprint too. One of our goals this year is to try and live within our community and limit our amount of driving to places for shopping or entertainment. Throughout all of our trials in this past year we have incurred a large debt and need to work towards paying that back by reducing our spending and increasing our self earned income. I am looking at doing some handmade projects and selling on Etsy as well as possibly the Farmer's Market too. We are also considering what to do as a family to earn a living so that my husband isn't pushing his body so hard anymore and can improve his health. There are a few ideas on the table one of which is my becoming a Yoga Instructor especially for children, there is one course I am very interested in taking but it is a bit on the pricey end for us but would be an amazing opportunity for our whole family!

One of the other commitments I have made this year is to support handmade and if I can't make it myself to purchase it from someone who did make it and is using that income to support their family. I am having fun with this option and again looking to Etsy for purchasing items I cannot make. I am really enjoying this commitment as I love spending time creating things and it is such an outlet of stress relief for me. My Son on the other hand is not as happy with this idea as he really loves Thomas the Train and especially the Track Master ones at the moment so when I informed him that he wasn't getting any presents from his friends this year at his upcoming birthday party well he was less than impressed. We are going to be doing a book exchange party so each child will bring a book from home wrapped up and get to trade it for another book so everyone gets something new to read.

Those are just a few of things we are working on and as I discover new ideas, items or recipes I will share them on here in hopes of helping another family making some great changes too!

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