Monday, January 24, 2011

Illness comes knocking at our door

So it has happened we have been hit with one of the nasty bugs out there right now. I started feeling it on Friday and by Saturday is was truly coming and Sunday I was down for the day. Spencer and I seem to only have a mild version of what has hit the daycare. Both the kids who were scheduled for today called in ill and I was forced to put in place my 24hr symptom free policy, I know it may sound harsh but I have myself, my family and the two other kids who come to think of. As far as I know the other two are fine and no symptoms and we are holding our own with mild symptoms. We made a trip today to the wellness store to stock up on some natural remedies and also added some raw garlic on toast to our supper menu hoping to send this virus packing before it gets worse. I am also heading off to clean the toys too tonight so that the other two stay healthy.

We have done so well up till now at staying healthy especially since the onset of my Crohn's in October. On that note my weight is going down again which is nice but also means something is acting up although I feel ok and I am even sleeping better again so not really sure what it can be. I am going to break out the big guns tonight for cleaning not just the Norwex cloths I am going to use the natural cleansing cloths too. I hope all of you staying healthy and avoiding those nasty bugs they say wash everything including your hands often and eating raw garlic is one of your best defenses!

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