Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Upcoming Birthday

My Son is about to turn 5 in March, really how did that happen? I am going to Kindergarten registration tonight which I can't believe, he is excited and feels like he is growing up. Me I just don't know where the time has gone, it just doesn't seem like it's been five years already.
In fact I can't remember much about life before him.

For his party we are planning trying to do a scaled back eco-friendly party so instead of presents I am asking people to bring two of their own books from home wrapped up and then they we will put all the wrapped up books together and everyone will get to go home with two new books and also asking everyone to also bring a $5 donation for a charity that we will help Spencer pick. Now for family I have asked everyone to either make his gift personally or to purchase it handmade from someone else or take him to do an activity. He is telling everyone that he is not getting any presents for his birthday like I am a bad Mom or something but he really doesn't need another train to add to his very large Thomas collection! I am even going to make some birthday crowns out of felt and a birthday banner for him as well. I did purchase him one gift for his birthday and that is a Terra kids headlamp by Haba and the matching Trapper bag for our trip to the mountains this spring. I am also looking for some other hiking related gear for him. I think he will be happy with these gifts plus what ever else he receives, I know he is getting a wooden marble game from my Grandmother.

I really just wanted to start scaling down all things in our life especially with amount of things we buy! I have finally consigned all of Spencers' clothes from 6mths to 4T and the money that comes out of that will go towards our trip to Calgary to visit, go hiking and see Thomas the train again! I am hoping in time my Son will adjust to these changes and come to enjoy his new scaled down life.

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