Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crafty Tuesday - Finishing up some projects and planning for next month

So next month we are going to be focusing on Rainbows, spring, people around the world and our little part of the world. I found a great tutorial on Rockabye Butterfly on how to do the dying. We will be doing some exercises on measuring with our tub next month, I am gathering some rulers and I just purchased from Discovery toys the Measure up Pots and Spoons to use in our tub next month. I came across a template for making paper people and their clothes on Serving Pink Lemonade and we will spend some time making our people from around the world and talk a little about the differences between us, also just came across this amazing book we will be borrowing from the library about other children around the world Children Just like Me. The fun part is going to be making them some hair! I am also going to be working very hard on getting a calendar set up for us that we can work with each day for some fun and learning! I came across a wonderful resource on the 1+1+1=1 website and also joined the members only site to gain access to some wonderful learning tools. Other than these things I am working on finishing up my wooden play set and starting on cutting out eggs and hamsters for Easter. I am also wanting to work on making some bean bags for the crew and plan some activities around that as well but only so much time!

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