Friday, February 18, 2011

A quickie post about a quickie cake

My Aunt from Ontario is here visiting, we are really enjoying our time together and taking time to do things together. Well last night the chocolate cravings set and well I had to do something to satisfy them but it was late not really the time to bake a cake from scratch but I remember I had purchased a Namaste Foods chocolate cake mix and a frosting mix too. So we decided to try them out and well all I can say is Yum!!! Mixing the cake was very simple and I used a bundt pan to make the cake and it was the perfect size. The icing was a little trickier to mix but mostly it was just time consuming as you have to mix it and then wait 15minss and mix to proper consistency for incing but it was worth the extra work very rich and creamy perfect addition to a perfect cake!

Well today will be some more shopping and then Saturday a trip to Manitou Springs Mineral Spa for a soak in the lovely water and some lunch than back home for supper as I have a lovely missionary couple coming for supper. We haven't been to Manitou for many years but we are really looking forward to the soak as it leaves you feeling so wonderful and they now have a pool side play area for the kids so it should be a good trip for all. If you ever get a chance to make a trip there it is wonderful and they also have a hotel as well as Spa services to pamper you, perfect little mini holiday for the whole family!

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